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For over 16 years CE could NOT find a gas leak in my home until a friend who was at his cottage and came over to borrow a tool and just happens to work for another gas company demanded they find it. Living in a home/business you become immune to the smell.

CE's employee manual states natural gas is NOT toxic and each time they came, they told me it would NOT hurt me. NOT TRUE, I am full of Carcinogenic and Toxic Petro Chemicals and Solvents from inhaling the gas for so many years. Carbon Monoxide kills within a few hours. Natural Gas gives a person a DEATH SENTENCE with a SLOW and HORRENDOUS DEATH and CE does NOT care.

The other problem is that Michigan Drs do not recognize symptoms of Natual Gas Poisoning, they are only aware of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. I had to go to Texas to find a Dr who knew how to test and diagnose me, but the damage is so far advanced, I can NOT be cured.

Part of my colon has been removed, all my female organs removed, cancer surgery twice on my side, irratic BP, Diarrhea, my lymph glands fill up with the toxins and cause my whole immune system and body to go crazy and I am deathly ill, perspire profusely and can't lift my head off the pillow. I WISH I could transfer this *** I live in daily to the Executives at Consumers Energy.

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